Handbuch der baukulturellen Bildung

Jugend Architektur Stadt

Editor: Ralf Fleckenstein, Britta Grotkamp, Barbara von Jagow, Päivi Kataikko-Grigoleit, Angela Million, Silke Edelhoff

Size: 163 pages
Format: 21,0 x 24,0 cm
Publishing year: 2019
ISBN 978-3-7983-3074-0

If you want to shape the city of tomorrow, you have to learn about it! The core objective of built environment education is to familiarize children and young people (and adults) with methods and processes of production and design of space. Based on more then a decade of interdisciplinary practice, methods have been compiled by architects, planners and educators to teach children and adolescents knowledge and tools about architecture and the city in a school and extracurricular context. The city is reread, contexts uncovered, and cardboard, scissors and glue are put into the hand to spatially present ideas in models, texts and words. With this also an answers is presented to the question of how participation of children and adolescents in the design of spaces can be more exciting and enriched.