Auswirkungen disaggregierter Regulierung auf die Kapazität von Verkehrssektoren

Eine wettbewerbstheoretische und empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel des Luftverkehrssektors

Size: 261 pages
Publishing year: 2015
ISBN 978-3-7983-2749-8

Transport infrastructure is a regular subject of discussion around market failure and market intervention. Both regulatory measures and the resulting regulatory landscape within the EU are therefore diverse: While market access for ground handlers at airports was partly liberalized, similar measures at seaports could not be put in place. This work therefore first aims at systemizing and enhancing scientific theory of network economies according to the particularities of transport sectors.
Additionally, on the basis of the example of ground handling liberalization, the influence of regulatory measures on the usage of infrastructure capacity is analyzed. Results of the empirical analysis show that the number of active ground handlers at an airport has an influence on flight delays caused by ground handling. It is shown that those impacts need to be pre-estimated before adopting regulatory measures.
The last part of this book therefore assesses how impact assessments in the EU are performed. On the basis of these results, a catalogue of methodologies is developed that allows carrying out pre-assessments of the impact of regulatory measures on transport capacity.