Jahresbericht 2016 der Universitätsbibliotheken der TU Berlin und UdK Berlin

Editor: Andrea Zeyns, Jürgen Christof

Size: 89 pages
Format: 14,8 x 21,0 cm
Publishing year: 2017
ISBN 978-3-7983-2938-6

The second joint annual report of the libraries of the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU) and the University of the Arts (UdK) highlights the adoption of the cloud-based library management system Alma. Not only does the report outline the launch’s various project phases, it also lets individuals involved in the process speak up to give an account of their experience with the introduction of the new software. The change to a new library system was mastered during running operations and required a fundamental change of previous workflows. Parallel to the labour-intensive implementation of Alma, both TU and UdK libraries successfully launched other ventures, like the opening of the new UB Lounge, the relocation of off-site stacks, and the installation of the Catalogus Professorum. Contents of the annual report are complemented by a detailed calendar describing the reporting year’s most important events, summaries of select key figures, an overview of subject responsibilities, and an index of library staff publications.