Steinplatz meets Campus – minimalinvasive landschaftsarchitektonische Umgestaltung

Studentischer Wettbewerb

Editor: Kristina Schönwälder

Publishing year: 2016
ISBN 978-3-7983-2871-6

“Design competitions provide a diversity of possible results and offer the parties concerned an indispensable basis for making spatial decisions. This also applies to the Steinplatz in Berlin. The small public green located in front of Campus Charlottenburg lacks appropriation by users because of multiple deficiencies. The central task of the competition was therefore to explore the potentials of the site in terms of open space and amenity quality, networking with the campus, improvement for pedestrians and public image. Every intervention needed to be “minimally invasive” because of the reduced resources available for redesign and subsequent maintenance. Suggestions for correcting the unfavourable “”island-like”” location, surrounded by traffic flow, needed to be considered. The work submitted by the students differs in many ways. The winning design of the competition forms the basis for further planning and the subsequent realisation.”