Messkonzept für ein benutzerzentrisches Kennzahlensystem zur Darstellung des Wertbeitrags der IKT

Am Beispiel der Einführung eines Systems Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC)

Size: 263 pages
Format: 14,9 x 21,0 cm
Publishing year: 2015
ISBN 978-3-7983-2709-2

“The complexity of reading the business value of it and its verification after the conclusion of ICT projects, the problems in the measurement, the time required and in the interactions with other changes are seen as a major reason for the economic considerations in practice can take place often just before the start of ICT projects. Afterthoughts on benefits or on whether the forecast of profitability actually occurring is the exception. As an example for a complex ICT system this paper focused the problem in the “”ex-post”” value of it capture by the example of a Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) information system, which is in many companies due for launch or already in use. It is investigated and shown, from which aspects (business value of it potentials) make up the benefit effect of a UCC system. Primarily it is about quantifiable efficiency and quality aspects of communication and to operational aspects, which can be determined as technical readings or by interview. The challenges to be overcome for a benefit realization are also examined as factors that may favor a benefit realization. The subjectivity of established methods of reading the business value of is in this work the motivation for putting just this subjectivity at the center of to speculate. This work proposes to reduce the complexity of considerations for the business value of ICT projects and to make the value proposition through appropriate, user-centric indicators visible.”