Beitrag zur Systematisierung von Theorien in der Logistik

Size: 446 pages
Publishing year: 2013
ISBN 978-3-7983-2610-1

Logistics is an applied science discipline: Its research deals with real problems in order to derive practical advice for logisticians. Therefore it is necessary to understand the reality. Description and explanation of theories contribute to a better understanding of phenomenal reality. Thus, theories are an essential and important instrument for an applied science discipline like logistics. This research focusses on theories that were used in logistics and supply chain management. It explores this subject in two different ways: first theoretically and second empirically. The empirical part of the research presents the variety of theories applied in logistics and supply chain management. Furthermore, these theories are classified due to their context of use. Status quo and potential for the use of theories are summarized and displayed in a theory-landscape. Based on this theory-landscape the dissertation develops a theory-navigator which supports the selection of theories and their complementary use in research. Thus, this dissertation is primarily beneficial for students and researchers and provides a tool for developing practical models and advices.