Organisationsentwicklung zur Absicherung neuer Technologien und Geschäftsmodelle in globalen Partnernetzwerken

Beiträge aus der VDA-Stiftungsprofessur

Editor: Robert Paasch, Arne Ramm, Robert Dust

Size: 165 pages
Format: 14,8 x 21,0 cm
Publishing year: 2017
ISBN 978-3-7983-2946-1

Comprehensive quality awareness within companies is an essential part of achieving customer satisfaction and standing out in the global market. The shortening cycles of technology and innovation create new challenges for industry, trade and service enterprises. The fusion of different technologies and sectors produce new business models. Companies need to consider not only technological and economic requirements, but also political, ecological and cultural frameworks. The increasing complexity of products and processes requires a cross-functional collaboration of quality, logistics, purchase, development and production departments. These processes extend across the whole product lifecycle. The high added value and innovation contribution from suppliers requires consideration of the complete supply chain. Hence, as part of the endowment professorship of the German Association of the Automotive Industry – VDA, our research covers the following three topics: 1. Flexible quality management in product development processes – continuous integration and hedging of innovations relevant to customers throughout the entire lifecycle 2. Data-based hedging of current and future use cases – predictive surveillance and protection of new functions provided by digital partners directly to the customer 3. Quality management in future partner networks – preventive risk management with trend and forecast models to secure future partner networks across departments and sectors Finally, we present tools that support the mentioned processes and have been developed in the department for quality strategy and competence at the TU Berlin.