Unsere digitale Zukunft : Wissen, das uns bewegt

Kolumnen aus der Berliner Morgenpost

Size: 183 pages
Format: 9,6 x 15,7 cm
Publishing year: 2017
ISBN 978-3-7983-2899-0

The digital revolution is in full swing. Digitalization has long captured all areas of life and society. It touches communication, industrial production, agriculture, transport, medicine, banking, and politics. Even ancient cultural technologies like handwriting are affected. In his columns, Christian Thomsen analyzes the effects and impact of this fundamental upheaval process on people, the constitution of society and on the democratic order. The texts have been published weekly in the daily newspaper Berliner Morgenpost since 2015. Thomsen is enthusiastic about the possibilities and potentials of digitalization, but he does not overlook its risks and challenges. His columns accompany this process of change – clever, critical, optimistic, and thoughtful.