Vertrauen in der Share Economy

Studie: Analyse von Vertrauensfaktoren für Online-Profile

Publishing year: 2015
ISBN 978-3-7983-2775-7

More than 80% of all internet users do not want to use share economy services due to a lack of trust. This study provides insights into trust building in the share economy. Based on an evaluation of online user profiles it analyzes how important specific factors are for trust building. The results show, that some general factors for trust building exist, that are valid across several domains. One of the most important factors to establish trust is reputation in the form of ratings. In addition, comments and written texts, that are generated in the course of a rating by third persons, are an important trust factor. The availability of contact data, the geographic region, qualifications and experiences of the provider are other trust factors identified by the study. For a high degree of trust, information should also be verified.