Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Engine Processes

July 2–3, 2015, Berlin, Germany

Editor: Roland Baar, Marc Sens

Publishing year: 2015
ISBN 978-3-7983-2768-9

As the combustion engine looks set to remain the dominant energy conversion unit in vehicle powertrains in the medium term, either in combination with electrical components or on its own, attention will need to be paid to continue improving its efficiency in the future.
The high development depth of today’s combustion engines means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve significant efficiency improvements by simple means. On the search for these improvements, the focus has shifted to inner-engine processes, for instance charge cycles including the charging system, the mixture formation including injection, combustion and kinematic conversion of the energy within the fuel.
Our 2nd conference ‘Engine processes’ aims to offer all developers a platform to discuss the latest technological developments in the field of inner-engine process control, and encourage new paths to be taken. We believe that the program for this conference is a sound foundation for this endeavour.