Prozessinnovationen bei Logistikdienstleistungsunternehmen

Entwicklung eines Reifegradmodells für die Prozessinnovationsfähigkeit auf Basis empirisch untersuchter Erfolgsfaktoren

Size: 283 pages
Publishing year: 2015
ISBN 978-3-7983-2737-5

Today’s competitive market for logistics services requires providers of such services to be capable of successfully innovating their processes. Process innovativeness is the capability to efficiently fulfill and exceed customer expectations through implementing new or improved methodical, social, structural or technological concepts seeking to increase logistics service capabilities. This research aims at supporting decision makers of logistics service provides in enhancing their process innovativeness and reducing the complexity that accompanies this task. The results are primarily indented to support providers of complex, warehouse-based logistics services. For this purpose, a maturity model for process innovativeness is developed. It is based on empirically identified success factors. The model allows an assessment of the status quo of process innovativeness. It further shows practical approaches to close current capability gaps at logistics service provides and supports these companies in effectively adapting their process innovativeness to contextual factors. The research process combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Due to close involvement of practitioners during the research process, the results are highly applicable and useful in practice.