Verbesserung der Haltbarkeit von Dokumenten mit Hilfe polymerer Schichten

Size: 176 pages
Publishing year: 2014
ISBN 978-3-7983-2679-8
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This paper comprehends the performance increase of lacquer receipts comprised by serial components. The potential of increasing the protective effect is not yet exploited. This re-search begins with preliminary studies regarding the detection of damage characteristics. A subsequent categorization of these effects by frequency, type of damage and potential of document changes is the starting point for the improvement of the protection mechanism. Out of these preliminary investigations, the damaging effect respectively damaging mechanisms could be derived and are the basis for creating a benchmark. The benchmark is giving scientific statements about the protective effect of a UV varnish coating and represents at the same time the final rating stage. A rapid test for varnish formulations has been developed to get fast and quantitative evaluations. This test is also capable to handle a huge number of samples in a short time. This test statement is the calculated protection efficiency in [%].The design of experiments consists of a basic formula for starting the investigation, which contin-ues with mixing in an additive and interaction comparison. Finally the proprietary developed protective varnish has to run through the benchmark in comparison to a reference varnish.