Notes for authors

Checklist for publishing at the TU Berlin University Press

  1. Preliminary inquiry:
    Since 1 July 2022, Berlin Universities Publishing (BerlinUP) has taken up its activities. The Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin will be merged into this publisher and therefore no longer accepts new projects. If you would like to publish in BerlinUP, please use the proposal form on the BerlinUP Books website.
  2. First meeting:
    Upon receipt of the initial inquiry, we invite you for an interview at the University Press, in which we present the publishing philosophy and the financing model and discuss the publishing contract as well as the expected publication process.
    Contract template
    Financing options
    Copyright issues
  3. Contract finalization:
    We will send the publishing contract to you by email. If you agree to the terms, please print it twice and signed send it to us. We will return a signed copy for your records.
  4. Providing metadata:
    Please enter the metadata required for online publication at the TU Berlin’s digital repository. Do not upload any files yet. Follow the instructions and provide as accurate information as possible.
  5. Imprint / Inside Cover Pages:
    The University press will create the imprint and the inside cover pages of your publication based on the provided metadata and send it to you.
  6. Creating the manuscript:
    Please note in the preparation of the manuscript our notes on manuscript preparation and typography. Include the imprint and the inside front cover pages in your document. Production costs (e.g. typesetting/Layout) can in part be paid from our publication fund for open access monographs.
    Manuscript preparation guideline (PDF, 159 KB)
    Typography advice (PDF, 190 KB)
    Publication fund for open access monographs and edited volumes
  7. Creating the printing master and the file for online publication
    Please send us the document in using a PDF/X format suitable for priting and the online file suitable for the digital long-term archiving PDF/A format.
    Instructions for creating PDF/A or PDF/X files (PDF, 3.7 MB)
    Instructions for optimizing the file and adding metadata (PDF, 3.3 MB)
  8. Transfering the master files:
    Please send us the file(s) as PDF/A and PDF/X, preferably using a service like Gigamove.
  9. Copy editing:
    The University Press examines the files regarding formal errors. As a result of the formal copy editing you will receive correction instructions and ask you to implement them as thoroughly as possible.
  10. Proofing:
    If the manuscript is ready for printing from our perspective, we will send you a form with a request for your signature. After approximately 2 weeks you will receive a proofing copy, which in turn was checked for errors by us. After incorporating final corrections, we ask for your final printing approval for the production of the first edition.
  11. Transfer the source files:
    Please send us now your original file(s) from which the PDF file of final artwork was created, preferably via Gigamove.
  12. Research Data:
    Decide, whether the research data of your thesis (e.g. measurement and survey data, labroratory values, audio-visual information, texts, software or simulations) should also be archived by TU Berlin and thus can be cited and re-used.
    FAQ: Research Data (German)
    Guideline for Research Data